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I am impulsive, ambitious and creative.I have a great memory for facts and figures. When I want to make a point, I can be tactful.I can be self-disciplined if I choose to be.I am serious and will be dedicated to any duties assigned.I feel that I have a strong sense of purpose and directions at time but I can also be very fickle-minded.I try to be socially-oriented and I am willing to work hard for anything you or others want.I desire to travel worldwide meeting people and also to learn.I can be very intense.I try to avoid any confrontations.I am sensual and romantic.I am suspicious and curious to know.I am selfish.I am self-conscious. I am pessimistic.I am easily offended.I am hard-headed.I dislike bad-mouthing.I can’t live without friends and family.I can’t be alone.I turn to friends and family for comfort.I dislike depression.I treasure all I have in life.I sometimes do not understand life.I can be very blur and stupid.I believe in hope and fate for my relationships.I choose to live life to the fullest even if there are many ups and downs.I am emotional and cry over every little thing.I love to smile as I dislike being sulky.I want to be happy and appreciate all I have in life.


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Sunday, December 05, 2010


My last blog post was a day more than a month ago! Here I am, on a Sunday arvo...having absolutely nothing to do...well not exactly nothing to do. Lying on bed with a MacBook sitting on my lap, browsing blogs, online sites, FB-ing...I decided to write a post today!

It's Monday tomorrow. Monday. Monday. Monday. Ahhh what should I say about you. Oh well..iIt has never been a favourite day of mine. But words of a friend reminded me how much fun December should be! Being the last month of the year...with Christmas festive season, New Year's coming up....lots of great things & events to anticipate! So, heck Monday and YAY! to another better week!

I guess it's always this time of the year when all takes a deep breath, sit down and have a think about what the whole year has been like? Any achievements? Any learning? Rooms for growth? Plans for the new year? Promotions? Rewards? Shoppings? Catch ups? Weddings? Newborns? Deaths?? In a blink of eye, is how I'll sum up my year! It almost felt like yesterday when I returned to Melbourne in March! Before knowing it, work has gone by for 6 months and now it's the last month of the year!

Thank god, I'm lucky enough to have boo pulling through the year with me down under. Being away from my family and friends ain't an easy thing. As most of you probably would have known me better by now, I do come from a very close-knitted family. So, being away is definitely a difficult thing! Missing on family gatherings, luncheons, dinners, special occasions, holidays, travels...it's not a fun thing at all!

December is going to be a short and fun work month! With the office officially closing from 24th Dec until 4th Jan 2011, I'd say I'll only be having approximately 17 days of work! Not forgetting our work Friday Summer Hours (We get to leave work at 3pm on alternate Fridays from Nov 2010 until Jan 2011)!! Plus, Dec will pretty much be a quiet one as most people are probably away for XMas. Hence, we'll try to avoid this festive season for any advertising activities :) Don't think my client, National Australia Bank would like to advertise their home loans, credit cards and all banking products over this period! I'm pretty sure they'll like a good Christmas too!

After Xmas, there's Armin's Mirage only NYE tour. Then comes New Years 2011! A brand new year and my 27th birthday a day after! Goshhhhhh! I'll be getting my birthday day off from work! So yay! Still haven't decided which day I'll like to take but I'm thinking maybe in Feb...giving me an extra day to run all my errands and get last minute stuff before heading home for CNY for 3 weeks! So, Q1 of 2011 is definitely an exciting one for me!

Will be making a few trips back home next year. Few weddings to attend. Long Easter break in April and the boo & I are planning a trip away! It's meant to be my birthday present...so yay! Bali is top on the list. A cruise to somewhere is 2nd and maybe London? Muahahahaha travel plans are never-ending for me!

Mom and dad might make another trip down to Melbourne this XMas! Hope they'll be coming and they'll be spending my birthday with me. Thinking of visiting Vue De Monde this time. Heard a number of good reviews from them...a thought to ponder! :)

BTW, my dearest couzzies are here from KL! For around 17 days soooo yay! Lots of activities happening in oh-dear-Melbourne :P

OKIE DOKIES! I'll be stopping my post here. The boo has just woken up from his afternoon nap! Will be back for more. Till then, take care peepz.

Stay tuned....



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Thursday, November 04, 2010

This HAS been longggggggggggggggg overdue!

How many of you peeps out there is actually still keeping up with my blog and daily rantings? A-ha!

Let's rewind and let me story you what has happened over the past 2 months!

After mom & dad left, I finally had the guts to see a doctor! As most of you probably don't know or won't know...I found a neck lump! :( Well, not exactly found! It has been there for quite a number of years and me being superbly horrified of needles, blood, results; have been neglecting and ignoring this nice little lump silently...UNTIL, heard news from back home of an ex-colleague who found a neck lump which was AIKS malignant! *BIG GULP*

*touchwood*thank god* I went for a check up...been through blood tests, Ultra-sound scans, CT scan, dye injection, under the knife...surgery with a tube tucked under my skin...GOSH! All those drama...and after all of this, the results came out to be a Benign Tumor so HOOORAYYYYYYY! As long as everything is removed, it is almost 100% that it wouldn't spread/grow...*touchwood* Doctor Kennedy said everything was looking great. Recovery is superb. He's one helluva of a great doc who has lots of TLC for his patients! He treated me like a gem, a little kid of his own! Never failed to make me laugh when he checks on me pre & post surgery!

All I have to say is, I'm really thankful to have met such wonderful people and to have lots of blessings from my family and friends...to help me pull through the hardest moments of my life! It was that easy undergoing surgery when your family is away far from you. Thanks to great communication that brought us close together and made it felt like home was never too far away!

*WARNING* Gross photos ahead!

Just a couple of snippets of the whole surgery process and my recovery...I think the most irksome photo is the one which my stitches are still fresh from the surgery...looking horribly ugly...like it will never heal nicely...that sort...but boy was I wrong! Taking snapshots of my recovery process and reviewing them just makes me feel that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Just gotta stay strong and believe that things will eventually turn out better!

A positive vibe was what I was trying to have throughout the days...

As my neck lump was sitting on my saliva gland, I had to have the "stuck" saliva sucken out by a syringe! That sounds scary isn't it? Honestly speaking, i'm not that afraid of needles as I used to be anymore. I guess its really true of the saying "What doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger!"

Ah well..enough of my dramatic surgery stories! haha

On a much brighter note that fits in to my "colourful" life...we all brought Bubbles home! A new pup which the whole household absolutely adoreeeeeeeesss!

WHY Bubbles? Haha it took us quite a while to decide on a pups name! From Bella to Kelsey to MissT to Bubbly to... x1000000000 god knows how many names!

Finally decided on Bubbles after a couple of days! This new pup got to have a name...so WHY Bubbles!

My explanation goes..."Because...Bubbles is a Maltese X Shihtzu that is Champagne i colour...and Champagne being Champagne...lots of bubbles...like bloob blooob bloob bloob bloob...hahahahhahaha and bubbles being bubbles...OK I don't think i'm making any sense here but Bubbles, the name just suits bubbles and her bubbly character! Haha such a cutie!

A very smart cutie! In just 2 weeks, Bubbles is trained to sit, give her hand, down and roll over! APPLAUSE! Bubbles nailed everything in just 2 weeks! We are the superbly proud owners! Potty training Bubbles was a drama at first! How many screams, NOs, BUBBLES were going around the house, but NOW, we're all proud to say that Bubbles can pee and poo at the right spot on her own! Without having us to lead her! Applauseeeeeee & Bravo!
That's it of Bubbles for now! I will be taking Bubbles out on her first road trip tomorrow! Off to Phillip Island we go! A 3d2n road trip planned with the group of boys & girls for fishing, for bonding sessions, for BBQ, for happiness, for laughter...awesome! Can't wait for all of it to happen...

So, stay tuned for more updates!

Till then, take care peepz!




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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Again, this has very much became my monthly post it seems!

What have I been doing for the past month! Gosh. I don't even have my heart with this blogspot like before anymore! How come! Sigh, I can't seem to find time or should I say, I can't seem to find things to blog about.

Spent the whole Sunday downloading Chinese songs and discussing old songs with King. LOL!That fella really cracks me up. He never fails to pass me good old songs! hahaha like Super duper old that sort! Perhaps my grandma's era but yet nice songs! One heck of an old fella! :)

August! August! August! It is ending like pretty soon but I have to say, it has been a very productive month for me. Filled with many beautiful surprises.Mom and Dad was here earlier this month. Had the most fantastic time for quite a long while now. Had so much of good food andgood time. Short trip to Adelaide meeting Enzo & family was awesome. Checked out theirbeautiful beach-side-holiday-home; fully equipped with a nice kitchen, room space, gameroom and a boat! Definitely a happy month for me this year. Here's a sneak peek of Adelaide.

Us at the peak of Adelaide.
Us minus the elder sis at one of the stopovers overlooking Adelaide winery
Mom & I with Enzo's cute little niece Julia
This is just one of the many dishes of good food we had in Adelaide :)
Us with Enzo's cousin-in-law, who happens to be Adelaide's soccer team player Lucas Pantellis
Shuen & Simon being silly but love this pic :)
Jacuzzi in one of our 3-bedroom Serviced Apartment
Nice accommodation I would say
Quite a spacious living hall
Best part! A Jacuzzi outdoor on the 16th floor overlooking Adelaide town ;)

I don't know why but this time i'm back here working in Aussieland, I realized that I misses home even more than my uni days! I can't seem to find the connection I used to have with this city/country anymore.

Its either the sign of aging OR the company I used to have in Melbourne. It's no longer the party party party lifestyle, but instead I have been living a very very domesticated lifestyle. It's all about work, coming home, cooking, have pot lucks, picnics, gatherings, dinners...it just ain't the old YeeLeng anymore! I haven't partied for like the longest time ever. Not even tempted to party or drink like before. Arghhhh is this a good sign or bad? I start to question myself and until today, I still can't seem to find an appropriate answer to the changes in my life.

I honestly enjoy a much quieter lifestyle now. No more bang bang bang kind of lifestyle. No more dramas. No more crying out loud nights over silly relationship problems. I seek a different pace of life now. I think of different things now. I aim for different achievements now. I think about my career path. I think business. I think family. I think settling down. I think about learning how to appreciate family and friends around even more. I do think a hell lot don't I? Hahaha, oh well...part of growing up. Never too late to pick yourself up at any point of life and have self-improvements.

I really do miss home alot now. As I type...I cannot stop thinking how much I miss home. Having your family around you is one of the best feelings ever. The opportunity to travel together is even better. My parents & sis are going to Shanghai for the expo this Hari Raya. I was meant to join them, but I decided to save all my leaves for a longer trip back for CNY. A festive season that I cannot miss. What's more when my dad's birthday falls in that month and my cousin LiLi's wedding as well. Ooooo and darling's promise to take me to Bali for a getaway as my 2011's b-day present. Haha, I am definitely looking forward to that. Have to say no to the expo, as much as I'd love to go.

As much as I miss home, like YueWeng said...with very advanced communication technologies nowadays....with Facebook, Whatsapp...you'll never feel as far away to home like before. I have to say Whatsapp has definitely bring me alot closer to home. With the video technology, Skype, webcam etc...gosh, I feel almost like home again! I am here in Aussieland for a purpose! A very well purpose. So, hang on there YL! It's probably just 1-2 more years and for the sake of keeping your PR! You can do it girl! Self-motivating is the key to happiness! :)

Let's look on the brighter side! Dad got us a new car when he came here earlier this month. A totally unexpected and spontaneous decision. An impulsive purchase I call it. Dad drove the car to Mt Dandenong and came back saying that he thinks that our 4-year-old car is not "that" good anymore. So, mom and I happily went shopping with the bf, bro, dad and my uncle went "car-browsing". Little did I know that their 1hr "car-browsing" ended up into a "car-purchasing" day...LOL! It was literally like a decision made in 60mins kind of outing...hmmm can't complain. Cos we've got a new car! So thank you mom & dad! :)

Time to bid farewell to my white baby and say HELLO our black baby! :)
My favourite part of the new car! It's speedometer!

The bro and I bought a new iPhone 4 too. Dad, sis and bro bought iPad as well! So just imagine. We Apple-maniacs! hahaha my iPhone 3G I have to say is still pretty good, but I just couldn't resist the iPhone 4. Ooooops. Life is meant to be colourful ma...isn't it? hahahahahahahaha got myself a new bag too. It is definitely a colourful August but also a spendthrift month. New phone. New bag. Mom's present. Sister's b-day!

Really gotta start saving up for our trip too! Darling and I are thinking of renting one of those villa's in Bali. Really hope that our trip will be happening. Still quite a number of things to plan and think of.

Let's keep it up and look forward!!!!! Work hard. Save money. Work towards my dream and our goals :)

Alrighteys. Hopefully the next time I'd update is not 1 month later. I'll try to keep up and update as frequent as I could. I know I say this on every blog post. But I will honestly try my best.

So, stay tuned peepz! :) Take care & enjoy life!



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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wheeeee! I'm totally excited! WHY? Becauseeeeeeee I'm expecting the arrival of an itemmmmmmmmmmm which I have long awaited for! ;) Got a text last night to say that it has been purchased! Now it's the waiting game and I literally can't wait! OMG OMG OMG! LOL...

After not seriously blogging for quite sometime...I now feel that I've once again lost touch on how-to-blog! What words should I be using? What should I be saying? What should I blog about? My mind is blog-blank for a split second!

I need to get back on track! This is probably the one and only space for me to rant and for my friends to get an update about my life in Melbourne!

Mom and Dad is arriving this Thursday! Wooooots! For about 2 weeks and we will be off to Adelaide for the weekend! First time traveling down south...though i've heard lots of boring comments about this place...it's all good! I am still very much into my traveling-around-the-world mission! Haha, anywhere anytime....never say NO to traveling! What's more when it's with your parents! You kinda get the best of both worlds! :D

So, Adelaideeee here we come!

Not forgetting Barossa! It's the wine capital of Australia, a place where you can get a real taste for the finer things in life!
Definitely a good breakaway from work and Melbourne!

Sadly to know, I won't be meeting my parents and sis in Shanghai, September this year for the expo! Flights were all very full to fly from Sydney/Melbourne. I have instead decided to save up my annual leaves for about 3-4 weeks break during CNY next year! Yes I know, that may sound a bit too far away...but planning ahead is always good! What's more it's dad's birthday on Valentine's day and cousin sister's wedding a day after!

Oh well...pros and cons! You just can't seem to have the best of both worlds ALL the time! Sacrifices has to be made and I've made mine...so no-go Shanghai! :( I think the last time I was in Shanghai, it was back in 2001? Geez! 9 years and I love that city! It's amazing! Ahhhh enuff! I shall not bitch!
Let's see what else I CAN look forward to over here!
YES! It's ARMIN ONLYYYYYYYYYY this NYE! Can't wait for his tour! What's more when it's on New Year's Eve and its at Etihad Stadium! This is definitely gonna be massive! OMG! Now, this IS something to at least look forward to... :)

Anyone interested? I will need to buy the tickets early! :P

Alrighteys...that's about enuff updates for now...i WILL update more...I'll try at least...hehe so till then, take care all! It's time for a nice Sunday lunch now!




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Thursday, July 15, 2010

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2.) Then go to this photo page (as shown with the model) and click “Like” photo again to support my sister and her online fashion store Soul-Chic in the MOFEW: The Search (Stage 2) ! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=404842&id=122251237790413

Thank YOU in advance and love you allll



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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oleeeee Ole Ole Ole...Oleeeeee Ole!

So....how's the World Cup frenzy/fever treating everyone? Many wins? Losses? Late-nights?

Well, since the day it started, it has been pretty exciting for me! Lots of late nights despite work the next day. This year's world cup seems to be alot more exciting for me simply because i'm more "involved" in it...be it just watching, betting, cheering, supporting the game! You can't seem to escape the whole soccer frenzy when you live with a brother who is a soccer fanatic AND a boyfriend who also can't live without futsal/soccer...World Cup is just the hot topic of everyone's conversations!

So who's your favourite team? I have always been supporting England BUT knowing them, you'll end up being disappointed most of the time! :( Spain is my other fav team. Torres is in it and he's got a new haircut! Totally not him anymore! He does not have the cartoon-fairytale-prince-charming look anymore!
Every minute counts in the soccer games and I realized that World Cup is FULL of surprises without a doubt! The strongest team could be playing lousy like shit and the lousiest team could be playing hell as good! LOL!

Let's put aside soccer for now! Hahaha let's tune in to my oh-so-happening-life in Aussieland, down under....hahaha nah, it's not that interesting after all..

The boyfriend has been attempting to cook and bake ever since he's touched down in Australia! Back home, he has NEVER or WOULD possibly enter the kitchen to cook a meal. Now that he has the whole kitchen to himself at Melbourne...he's been practicing to become a good chef! So far, he has attempted to make Quiche and Chocolate Cakes from scratch and I gotta say that i'm pretty amazed with the outcome! It actually tasted good for a first/second attempt! Especially when it's from someone who doesn't even know how cook or bake!

Take a look at his outcome!

Freshly baked from the oven...

The final outcome with chocolate fudge and some deco! Yummylicious!

On another brighter note, darling presented me with a belated anniversary present! Something which he knows that I absolutely love! So, thank YOU boo! *muaks*

Alrighteys! This post will be a short one. The bf is "inviting" me to watch some TVB series...so off I go! Adios & Good Night from Melbourne with love!



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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow, it's been close to a month since I last blogged...

Where should I even begin? So much has happened since I last blogged and hell yea, May indeed was a very busy month for me...I didn't even have the time to sit down all by myself and get my own things done!

You must be wondering, what in the world was I busy with! Well, to start off, my aunt came for a visit, then it was Nic for a month, then my sister & her bf for 2 weeks. Just imagine, the number of times eating out...the endless short travel trips, and not forgetting, it's winter SALE time!Everyday after work, I would just be meeting them in the city for late night shopping, thendinner...and there goes 1 day...for close to a month, the routine went on...until the day Nic left!
So, here I am now...having more time on my own...I shall take this opportunity to rewind on the fortunate events that happened...

Without a doubt, I had alot of goodies brought from Malaysia. Thanks to those special ppl...I had my monthly supply of cosmetic goods, hair care products, toiletries, new clothes, food from Malaysia...yummy yummy...Then, it was shopping time! Sis being the evil...nah I shouldn't say that....more like the "tempter"...hahaha she tempted me with so many shopping items, I ended up getting a new jacket, new wallet, new clothes, new boots....and on and on....

We had our Freedom beds delivered too! So, there was alot of cleaning up and throwing stuff away happening...We packed and gave away countless amount of bags for the Salvation Army...clothes...trust me, it was just never-ending!

Then we had our must-have-Mt Dandenong-trip and Peninsula Hot Springs this time! Loved that place though the hot springs was just not hot enuff for me....We had a fantabulous time over there...definitely worth a 2nd visit...
With work, things are slowly falling into place...as mentioned in my previous post, I love the work culture to bits! Love iteven more when colleagues start asking you if you wanted a drink at 4pm! Even better when they asks you at 5.30pm sharp "Aren't you going home yet?"....Tell me about work life balance...I truly understand the meaning here! Unlike Malaysia...hate it so much when you are about to leave at 6pm sharp, people start giving you the glare and if they wanted to be a meanie, they will go like "Wahhh so early go home, no need to work ar? Finish work already aR?"...I mean WTFFFFFF right? You don't have a life... I do....

We had a little celebration at around 3pm at work just the day before. With rounds of champagne and muffins treat! Very much only for the NAB (National Australia Bank)team...which I'm part of! *applause* Simply because NAB decided to renew another 3-year contract with us...so that means, more business to come! Woohooo!

Besides work, so glad that it's Friday tomorrow! Then it's yay to the Queen's Birthday Long weekend along with the World Cup Fever!!!! I'm sure there will be more happenings to come! Simply excited and can't wait to kick back, relax and chill!

Daddy is bringing the family to Singapore and accommodate themselves at one of the Universal Studio hotels! Eshhhhh and I won't be part of it...I hate it when they all have all these lovely family plans to travel and I'm out of it! I feel left out and when I asked dad why didn't he bring me along...he answered "Ohhh, cause I want to bring you to the Shanghai expo inSeptember!"....Now, this is why I love my Daddy so much! muahahahahahhahahha...he always has better plans for me :P Can't wait for it to come true!

I loveeeeeeee traveling and I don't think I can ever live without traveling! Was planning to get the so-called-cheap-Air-Asia-flight-tickets-from-Melbourne-to-London-for-AUD240-return...but unfortunately and AS USUAL....the seats were sold out! A colleague joked that we'll never be able to get the tickets cos maybe for every plane, they only give out 1-miserable-ticket! I had a good laugh and at the same time thought that it's very very true!

On another note, the boo and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Ezard the other night...the food was one of Melbourne Good Food Guide's recommendation with 2 hats...well, not too bad....food was ok, something different...but I think you can get better one... :)

Alright...just when I thought I have some time on my own, the bell rang...and I have guests! Gotta head off now! Till I update soon again! :)



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